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Frequently asked questions

What is Medical Tourism?

Medical Tourism is where people who live in one country travel to another country to receive medical care.

Why are Patients Traveling to Mexico for Medical Tourism?

Most patients from USA and Canada are traveling to Mexico because of its proximity and the high quality of healthcare, at very affordable prices.

What are the Cost Savings
in Mexico?

The cost savings can be up to 50% to 80% compared to international prices.

What is a Medical Tourism Facilitator?

A Medical Tourism Facilitator is an independent company that helps coordinate a patient's trip to another country for medical care.

What services are included?

Your package will include pick up from the airport, accommodation at a 4 or 5 star hotels, ground transportation to and from doctor's appointment and hospital, medical procedure, and travel arrangements.

What if I don’t find the procedure that I am interested in on your web site?

Please send us a request to our Contact email, and we will try to match your needs.

Can someone come along with me?

Yes, and we would encourage you to take some one with you during your treatment.


Medical Treatment

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Transportation from  the hotel to the hospital
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We can help you with your travel arrangements and save more money


An Angiogram is a minimally invasive procedure where a clinician introduces a thin catheter or tube into a blood vessel (usually an artery). Radio-opaque contrast is then injected into the vessel and pictures taken which highlight the vessel lumen. It is generally done to determine if there are stenoses (narrowings) or leakages from blood vessels.


An Angioplasty is a technique used to dilate an area of arterial blockage with the help of a catheter that has an inflatable small sausage-shaped balloon at its tip.